“today, we are all Haitians”

So sayeth Nick Kristof.

By now I’m sure everyone knows–or should–that there are several reputable ways to send money (presently the most needed form of assistance) to aid organizations already in or speeding towards Haiti after this week’s tragic earthquake.

I remember watching the anemic response in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, horrified that it seemed to be taking SO long to coordinate rescue efforts.  After all, once you’ve digested the story about what kind of disaster has occurred, and even how, what follows is the inevitably painful imagery and stories of aftermaths, of carnage, of horribly disrupted lives.

This week was somewhat different; I was relieved and proud to see that it seemed as though as soon as resources could be deployed to help, they have been or are being sent.  But the horrible state of infrastructure even prior to Tuesday’s destruction is clearly slowing distribution of the water, food, and medicine that are already sitting on the tarmac in Port au Prince.  Here is hoping that help finds its way to those in need soon.

In the meantime, I’m feeling luckier than ever to live in a place where water comes out of the tap whenever I open it and I live in a place with a functioning government and social safety net.  No small things.


Author: mskristenmd