mouse invasion!

I know that somewhere out there ingenious people have installed “kitty cams”, not out of paranoia, but just plain curiosity.  What do our feline (or other!) friends DO when we’re out of the house?  Assuming all but one of the hours in question includes “sleeping” or “moving to catch a new sun patch”, it’s an occasional musing of mine too.

Thus, last night’s INTRIGUE.  I arrived home late from school to find an assemblage of Ginsberg’s kitty mice lying together, all in a Mouse Conclave, perhaps concocting a nefarious revenge plot.  How they were collected this way is beyond me, because when I sweep the floor weekly I always find them in every nook and behind every piece of furniture where they’ve been hurled to their doom.

Moreover, I was clearly interrupting some sort of important game involving the pile of mice, given the annoyed look and flicking tail I got when I turned the key and switched on the lamp.  Ha!


Author: mskristenmd


4 thoughts on “mouse invasion!”

  1. not the first time Ginsberg has had, er, encounters with his stuffed friends.

    How OLD is Ginsberg, anyway?

  2. Is Ginsburg getting a jump-start on spring cleaning? After all, it is less than a month until Passover. A more likely scenario is that you interrupted rehearsal for an Oscar night reenactment of key scenes from the best picture nominees; ten movies =mucho work for Ginsburg’s directorial debut.
    (But I’m mostly just relieved that the mice in question are not actual live verminous critters.)

    1. Oh, it was absolutely some sort of musical number prep for Sunday in case something (sorry, WHEN) is all fakakta’d up. I haven’t had those kind of verminous critters in NJ; however, many of my pals in the City have been dealing with them lately so I feel especially lucky lately that these are just stuffed with catnip.

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