The Best Four? Hours of Some People’s Lives

It’s the Oscar Liveblog, including our usual cast of characters chatting it up as the beautiful people sat and waited for something. to. happen. Yes, the interminable middle section of this show persisted.

Some people we guessed would win did, fabulously, and the evening’s end turned into a shower of Oscars for Kathryn Bigelow.  I give two thumbs up (with a twist) to Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin: I thought they were actually, for the most part, funny.

And now?  For those of us out here in EST, time for bed.


Author: mskristenmd


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  1. Live blogging? How do we get kitty comments to show up? You know what I mean- when the singing starts and the kitties run away, or when the pretty pretty lady is SO INTERESTING?

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