an emerging great dame

#2 in our fine fabulous summer fun o’beauty:

I got hooked on OPI nail polish awhile back when regular professional pedicures were still a part of my life.   First off, these are produced with no animal testing involved–period.  Not of the product, not of the ingredients, and they also pay attention to their packaging.  Further, the “toxic trio” of ingredients (say it with me fast now, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene) aren’t hanging out in these polishes.  Given that I hung up my latex gloves and baby scrubs in bio lab ever so long ago, not smelling like formaldehyde is ALWAYS a happy thing here.  Basically?  From a “personal values” standpoint I feel good about supporting this cosmetic brand.  (PETA agrees; they use it for giveaways now and again.)

The colors are vivid, a great mix of classic bombshells and trends, and stay put regardless of the ridiculous beating my toes take in yoga.  Now that I’m doing my own nails, springing for a bottle has proven to be a great investment.  My color du jour (“What a Broad”) will carry me right through until fall.  Or beyond.


Author: mskristenmd