it’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Fellow Nerdlings (and the Cool People we adoringly share our lives with):

Is there a better, more satisfying shopping experience than that for school supplies?  I THINK NOT.

Continuing my streak of eliciting an impressed “Wow, that’s a lot of stuff for that amount” from sales clerks (at this point if I don’t get that compliment I feel a failure) I now have a canvas bag bearing goodies for my new semester.  There are only a few things to pick up, mind you, since by graduate school the school bursar and bookstores get the first pass at your accounts, and then there is the matter of paying rent and eating and dressing oneself.  Not much room left to indulge those elementary school styled two-page supply lists with arcane items.  (Of which “playing cards” was always a favorite. What, we’re going to play a hand of Hold’Em in the cloakroom?)

First for me today: notebook and pen selection.  Picked out some fluorescent sticky flags for the finance textbooks I’ll be renting this term; restocked my legal pads; delighted in the girls next to me earnestly asking their mother which color binder should correspond with each of their courses this year.  (Yes, it matters.  It just does.)

After this excursion I returned home and left my bag drooping on the floor to tend to more pressing business, but it was a fun couple of hours.  This is the one errand I will genuinely miss when school is over for good.


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