humble warrior

I’ve been needing to get back to attending a regular yoga class for quite awhile.  This is well documented elsewhere, but practicing at a studio in New York can become prohibitively expensive (over $18-20 per class) when you’re in my world of Ninja Finance.  I’d made lists of the low-fee, pay what you will, etc., courses at studios I intended to investigate over this past fall.

That did not happen. Naturally school continued its maddening tendency to interfere with, you know, having a life, and lo and behold I arrived into 2011 with one of 2010’s resolutions still unchecked.

I’ve started practicing at Sonic Yoga in NYC; they have a student discount, the classes are challenging me, and the people are very friendly. I’m already feeling calmer, happier, and more serene than I have in such a long time, so finding any way I can to do this is going to remain a necessity during these last stressful, hectic months of grad school.  After which I promise you can get snarky with me if I disappear for months on end.

Here’s my favorite thing I’ve done in the last little while:

SUCH a great stretch for your hips. Have a peaceful week.


Author: mskristenmd