say the magic words…

JOB. Or more generally,

Jobs with BENEFITS.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?  I think that would solve my very own debt ceiling problem, much less everyone else’s.

I’m working on that. In the meantime, between temping and freelancing where possible and unpacking, this past weekend it was time to go and celebrate the graduation of two of my cousins from high school and college. This meant that about 700 people would gather under tents to drink beer and marvel at how all of the people who used to be kids are pairing up and having broods of their own. My cousin’s daughter seemed incredulous at the idea that her mom and I played together when we were her age. “Mom isn’t little!” she said. “And you’re older!”


My 18-month old niece is such a night owl that while we were at my parents’ place she just kept going, getting up, would not lie down or go the f# to sleep even when she was staggering over her own body weight, as she did not want to miss anything. Finally she leaned forward arranged two blankies for herself, and fell forward onto them in a tired slump. Which is pretty much my fantasy for August. As is finishing the list of emails, letters and phone calls I owe friends. Tonight I actually read my Twitter feed at the laundromat, where I made sure to wash the blanket I plan to pass out into myself in a couple of weeks. So yes, “job with benefits” and “sleep” = fairytale August/September around here.