so much to say


Tonight I have the greatest sociological experiment of our time (Jersey Shore–what?) and a Britney appearance at the VMA’s to offer solace after the utterly wacky proceedings of the past week.

Procedurally, the earthquake and Hurricane Irene reflect how interconnected this region is in ways which can confound emergency planning. The earthquake is just plain unsettling, a queasy greeting from earth setting the tone for the entire week. That afternoon, while scrolling through Twitter on my phone, I noted references to some hurricane headed our way by the weekend. WHAT? I thought. That would be even crazier than another round of SamRon!

Cut to Friday, when I surveyed the office where I’m a temp to make sure we’d moved equipment away from windows and cleaned out the refrigerator. Most of the others were working from home, and it was eerily quiet inside the building. Out on the street, though? People were rolling carts (think “grandma carts”, my beloved suburbanites!) with toilet paper, drinking water, and food. Target was out of flashlights and batteries. I ended up rerunning the same kinds of prep at home, and still had my usual weekend errands to do in case we were flooded or the power went out.

I didn’t understand the need to buy whole cases of things. I mean, honestly, during the blackout we had a rough initial few hours but after a day or two, went to the bodegas to find household needs. I didn’t mess around with the grocery store for water this time, either. I went to my corner bodega, where the guys had plenty of gallon jugs with no price gouging. Win!

Tonight I’m just tired of the whole situation, and relieved that I don’t live in NJ anymore, or up in the Catskills, or Westchester or Dutchess counties upstate where the damage looks far worse. I’m upset that I feel as though I didn’t have a weekend, but I’m hardly alone in that sentiment. It will make Labor Day weekend even better.