Hurry Up and Wait

I should be working on my new pilot script, but it’s been one of those days when it’s very hard to get a good groove going. I’ve got a beat outline, which is the fun part, since it’s sequencing all of the story elements just so. Of course, things will be slightly reworked when I actually write the corresponding scenes, but that’s the shuffle to come.

OK, so there’s more than one fun part.

I’ve been doing a lot of character development, getting into people’s heads, learning about them, and what makes these characters tick. That’s another fun part.

The new project is quite different tonally from PIRATE QUEEN, the pilot I’m currently pitching. As for PQ’s status, I titled this post “Hurry Up and Wait” because that’s a lot of what I’m up to. For now I can just say that there’s been some interest. And I’d rather not jinx anything. I’m glad the television academy recognized Game of Thrones last night at the Emmys, because now I can point out that there’s another exciting show out there, ripe for the buying, with swordplay, political plotting and fierce warriors. And in mine, the lead is a woman and we’ll not be using violence against women as “entertainment”. (I know, SHOCKING.)

One of the reasons I wrote a show that literally has a woman warrior as the lead has to do with how women usually appear in such period action pieces. They’ve been princesses, or damsels in distress, but rarely if ever have they taken matters into their own hands to take care of themselves and the people they love. And even if my show is a bit adult, I want girls to know there are other kinds of women characters out there, including Grace O’Malley, the lead of PQ.

Hopefully, you’ll all get to see her onscreen. That would be another really fun part.


Author: mskristenmd