Ginsberg’s [New]House includes my writing about politics, pop culture, other people’s writing, random musings, and the pleasures of life in New York City. I enjoy some distinctly lowbrow pursuits, so snobs should read on at their peril. My other, more wonky writing is located elsewhere but I needed a place to play, so voila! I am working on screenplays and pilot scripts for television, so am in the process of pitching agents and taking my first steps into The Business. I try to keep up with the amazing work being done out there, and I’m looking forward to joining in!

For the past few marvelous years, my wife and I have lived in the beautiful melange of Astoria, Queens. (Whoops! I mean, it’s terrible, and please don’t move here, because our rents are high enough.)

I’m a native Ohioan who moved to New York over a decade ago (via Washington, D.C.) and been blogging on and off for many years. For four years, I was a mentor with Girls Write Now, an amazing organization which pairs women writers with teenaged girls who inspired us every day. You can pick up our anthology featuring work by our mentees (and my fellow mentors) here. My mentee is in college embarking on her next steps, but still texts at all hours, so nothing’s really changed.

This blog was named in honor of Ginsberg the Cat, a fabulous diva who moved around with me back in the day, stuck with a bad kitty mama who didn’t know that mostly-Russian-Blue cats DISLIKE CHANGE. Despite Animal Planet’s advice, he thrived. And since (who am I kidding) I’m well aware I got to live in HIS house, he deserves the blog moniker. He was named after Allen Ginsberg, because as a kitten he howled to get my attention. He passed away on December 8, 2012, the anniversary of John Lennon’s death. I miss him.

I enjoy writing of all kinds, cooking, practicing yoga, hanging out by the water, wandering New York, and catching up on the pile of reading next to the bed.


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